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School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering(hereafter referred to as SMEE), the oldest of CCIT with a history tracing back to a specialty field of Changzhou Radio Technical School, was founded as the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department of CCIT in March 2002 and renamed as the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering(CCIT) in August 2009. At present, SMEE offers four specialties for almost 2400 students, namely, Mold Design & Manufacturing, “Mechatronics”(SMEE’s leading specialty), "CNC Technology" and "Mechanical design and Manufacturing" . Among them, Mold Design & Manufacturing is granted and funded by the central government as key state-level model specialties for higher vocational and technical education as well as key provincial model specialty for higher vocational and technical education, and Mechatronics is granted as SMEE’s top specialty.


SMEE owns a team of over 70 members with solid scientific and technical quality, including 6 professors and professor level senior engineers, 20 associate professors and senior engineers, among whom 1 is honored “Changzhou’s Teaching Master”, 1 “Outstanding Youth” of Changzhou’s 831 Project, 2 “Outstanding Youth” and 1 “Yong Master ”of Changzhou’s Excellent employers. Designed in collaboration with industry, the faculty team up with more than 100 industry experts and high-skilled engineers.


SMEE continues to uphold its strong belief in “high-quality education for students” and aims to produce advanced specialized talents for Modern Mechanical and Electrical Manufacturing, Equipment Manufacturing and Service Industry. With a focus on the development of creativity of the mind and hands-on abilities, the school designs its courses to contain a high level of practical technical knowledge.


In addition to the strong links with industries such as Siemens, Mitsubishi and USA Biomet, SMEE is  also well-equipped with  3 practice training centers, 20 practice laboratories , one “On-campus Factory” and 50 plus off-campus training bases. At present, SMEE has established the “National 3D/CAD training base”, “USA Autodesk’s Authorized Training Center”,  “UPS Company’s Applied Training Center for NX software CAD/CAM” and “Electromechanical Occupation Skill Appraisal Station”.


Over the past few years, SMEE has established and owned 2 Provincial quality courses, 5 School quality courses, 1 National quality Textbook, 3 Nationally Planned Textbook for “Eleventh Five-year Plan” and one quality textbook.


Each year SMEE’S graduates, known as high caliber young people with solid specialist knowledge and professional techniques, are sought after by industry, with 100% progressing directly into graduate level jobs.



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