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School of Economic and Trade Management

CCIT School of Economic and Trade Management (hereafter referred to as SETM)embraces 7 specialties: e-commerce, financial information management, logistics management, marketing and planning, international economy and trade, business management and enterprise resource planning.


SETM has an elite teaching team of 50 dual-qualified faculties who are nationally or internationally recognized public accountants, ERP engineers, lawyers, securities investment analysts, among whom over 15 are associate professors or professors. The school is committed to cultivating high-quality skilled business management professionals. Currently there are 1,800 students enrolled in SETM.


SETM is in close cooperation with a number of well-known enterprises such as Alibaba, Yonyou, DigiwinSoft, and other well-known local enterprises such as Huawei, DGG and other nearby companies. To provide the students with a better experience of learning and training, SETM has set up a three-dimensional practical teaching platform on and off campus with more than 80 off-campus in-course training bases, training and internship combined bases.


For on-campus training bases, SETM is equipped with modern informationized manufacturing training base, supply chain management(SCM) technology application training center, e-commerce simulation operation center, network business incubator center, comprehensive business trade training center, logistics operation training center, (SCM) Customer service skills training center, image collection and processing center, etc.Students from CCIT SETM are distinctively professional and enjoy a high popularity among employers. The school has for many years achieved 100% of high-quality employment rate.



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