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Our College Sent Students to Japan to Take Part in Sakura Science and Technology Exchange Program

From July 2nd to July 9th, 2018, our college sent a 11-member team of teachers and students to Japan to take part in “Asian Youth Science and Technology Exchange Program 2018—— Sakura Science and Technology Plan”, which was fully sponsored by “Japan State Science and Technology Rejuvenation Institution”. The program aims at enhance the science and technology exchanges between Asian future generation and Japanese youth by inviting excellent Asian youth and scientific researchers to visit Japanese colleges, research institutes and enterprises.

Thanks to the meticulous organization of Japan Suzuki Industrial Institute, our teachers and students made very good exchanges with Suzuki’s teachers and students, and went further to experience the development of Japan’s electronics, chemistry, biology and innovative thinking as well as Japanese traditional culture such as tea ceremony, kendo and Yishi paper, and visited the institute’s training facilities. In addition, our team also went to AGF Suzuki coffee factory to see the automated production, and to Nagoya Science Museum to take part in science and technology activities.

Our teachers and students obtained an audience with the mayor of Suzuki City during their stay in Japan. Yang Shengyin, the first prize winner of “The Sixth National Japanese Speaking Contest for College Students”, delivered a keynote speech, which was highly praised by Suzuki’s mayor. Japanese media such as China-Japan News and Yishi News also reported our college’s visit to Suzuki. 

After the exchange with Japanese teachers and students, our students expressed their thanks to the college for providing them with opportunities to exchange with their counterparts of Japan. The exchange program not only gave them an opportunity to experience Japanese traditional culture and the latest development of Japan’s science and technology but also broadened their international horizons, improved their intercultural competence, and pointed out the direction of their study. Suzuki institute also sang highly of the progress that our students made in their Japanese speaking at such a short time.


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