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Our College’s Teachers Went to Bangladesh and Cambodia to Attend “Studying in China” Information Session and Take Part in Higher Education Exchanges

Our college sent two teachers to Bangladesh and Cambodia to attend “Studying in China” Information Session from July 8th to 15th, 2018. The program aims at providing support for the “Belt and Road” Education Action Plan, enhancing the globalization of Chinese institutions of higher education, and attracting more Bangladeshi and Cambodian students to study in China. The program was jointly launched by Beijing Jingjiao International Education Technology Co., Ltd, China’s embassy in Bangladesh, the Education Ministries of Bangladesh and Cambodia.


The opening ceremony was held in Dhaka Vocational Teacher Training College on the ninth of July. Mr. Zhang Zuo (Ambassador of China’s Embassy in Bangladesh) and Mr. Alamgir (Secretary general of the Education Ministry of Bangladesh) attended the ceremony and delivered their speeches. Mr. Zhang Zuo said in his speech that the development of Bangladesh has attracted more than 500 Chinese enterprises to set up branches in Bangladesh, which has created an urgent demand for talents with a mastery of Chinese and Bangladeshi languages and calls for cooperation with Chinese vocational colleges to cultivate more professional talents for Bangladesh. After that, Chinese colleges took turns to make their “Studying in China” publicity speeches and 54 Bangladeshi students applied to our college for scholarship of degree education and attended the interview held by our college and the Education Ministry of Bangladesh presented our college with a souvenir as a gift.


Under the arrangement of Beijing Jingjiao Company, our college delegation visited Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh and Sun Yan, the cultural counselor, on behalf of the ambassador, made an introduction to the embassy and the Bangladesh’s economy. Bangladesh has passed the appraisal in 2018 and upgraded itself from “a least developed country” to “a developing country”. If the country can passed the second appraisal in 2024, it will be removed from the list of the least developed countries. The mainstay of Bangladesh is garment processing and export as well as overseas labor service. The higher vocational education is facing opportunities and challenges: nowadays, about 70% of positions in enterprises require the abilities of problem solving, communication, judgment and thinking of employees, but 40% of employees are almost illiterate and can only do manual work. Bangladesh hopes that we can produce talents  for them through joint cultivation such as “2+1”model in accordance with the specialties of Bangladesh’ demand and China’s supply. Our college education also visited Dhaka Institute of Science and Technology.


In Cambodia: Cambodia Youth League held a welcome ceremony for our college delegation on the morning of July 12th. HE Lach Samnang (president of University of Intavij), Yu Da (Secretary General of Beijing Jingjiao Company) and Mr. Khut Chandara (head of Phnom Penh Branch Cambodia Youth League) made their speeches respectively. Mr. Khut Chandara said in his speech that this year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cambodia. Now the rich and strong China never forgets to help his friend, Cambodia.  The economic development of Cambodia cannot be divorced from the 20-odd year peace development and the cultivation of talents. Now China is providing us with such a good opportunity to study, and Cambodian students are hoped to seize the opportunity to learn knowledge and skills, and work hard for yourself, your family and the country. Some Cambodian students filled in the application form of scholarship for degree education. Our college delegation obtained an audience with China-Cambodia Friendship Association. University of Intavij and our college signed the MOU of Cooperation and Ms. Khlot Thyda (the education counselor of Cambodia Prime Minister) attended the meeting.


Our college delegation paid a visit to the Ministry of Labor, Cambodia in July 13th, and communicated with the related sectors of the Ministry of Labor and more than 20 universities and colleges. H.E Dr Pich Sophoan made an introduction to the functions of the Ministry of Labor, the features of vocational education in Cambodia and the cooperation between Cambodian and Chinese institutions of higher education. Cambodia aims to become a medium development country by the year 2030 and has a long way to go and expects to get help from China’s universities and colleges to improve Cambodian students’ education degree and knowledge level.


After the exchange activities, teachers said that Bangladeshi and Cambodian governments attach great importance to the program of “Studying in China”, and will keep in touch and put the intentions into practices.


Daily Observer (a Bangladeshi newspaper) and Tung Wah Daily (a Cambodian newspaper) reported the event respectively.


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